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Biological Cleaner And Deodoriser 

A specialist biological cleaner and deodouriser. Bio Brisk digests soiling such as grease, oil, protein, fat, etc. Ideal for fabrics or carpets. Safely and effectively removes biological soilings and odours including milk, animal smells, blood, urine and vomit. Very effective against nicotine.

  • Safe removal of biological soiling and odours
  • Effective on milk, blood, urine and vomit
  • Ideal for sinks and drains
  • Use on fabrics and hard surfaces

General cleaning: 1:5 with warm water. Removing unpleasant odours or heavy soiling from carpets and fabrics: Remove as much solid as possible. Depending on soiling, spray neat, or diluted 1:1 with warm water onto source of odour. Cover with a damp towel and leave overnight. Sponge with warm water.

Sinks and drains: Apply 50 - 100 ml neat

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