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A concentrated foam shampoo for either manual use or brushwash systems. The operator can set the level of foam and cleaning power, resulting in a ‘streak-free’ finish. Brushwash is designed to work effectively in water reclamation systems. Specially formulated for use with Brushwash systems

  • Neutral, easy rinse formulation for streak free results
  • Low viscosity for controlled pumping & precise dilution control
  • Suitable for use with reclamation plants

Brushwash systems: 1:100 to 1:500 or approximately 10ml to 20ml per wash. If used in conjunction with water reclamation systems adjust dilution to maintain correct foam levels in return tank. Manual: 1:50 to 1:100. Apply using sponge or soft bristled brush & rinse with water. Exact dilutions will depend on local water hardness and equipment design.

25L / 205L/1000L

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