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Concrete Remover

Congo is a safe and effective product for removing concrete, cement, grout, quarry dust and limescale and is the perfect choice for customers that want to remove concrete or cement from expensive or delicate equipment and those concerned with Health & Safety. It is safer and more pleasant than traditional acids that are used for concrete cleaning. It is extremely safe on a wide range of surfaces, such as paint, switches, dials, rubber and metals, unlike strong acid products, which can cause corrosion.

  • Effectively removes concrete, cement, grout, quarry dust and hard water scale, without damaging the surface
  • Non-corrosive, surface safe formulation
  • Perfect for delicate surfaces including most paintwork, glass, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic and rubber
  • Low odour - no harmful fumes

Congo has been developed to remove concrete and other calcium based soils without the corrosion issues associated with conventional products. Use product neat or dilute up to 1:3 (25%) depending on degree of soiling. Apply product using brush or spray and fully wet surface. Leave to dwell ideally overnight. Remove using high pressure water. Does not contain Hydrochloric Acid or other mineral acids.

Caution: Some single-pack paint finishes can be damaged by acidic detergents. If in doubt test on an inconspicuous area prior to use. Do not use Congo on Galvanised steel.

5L / 25L / 205L

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