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Floorsmart Cleanse

Floorsmart Cleanse

Heavy Duty, Low Foam Floor Cleaner 

A heavy duty, low foam degreaser designed for machine use but which can also be pre-sprayed. On heavily soiled areas and for everyday cleaning, Floorsmart Cleanse performs where other detergents fail, cutting effortlessly through grease.

  • Concentrated solvent free formulation optimised for machine use
  • Deep cleaning action for effective removal of grease, oil and general grime
  • Dries to a non-slip finish on concrete, painted or lacquered floors
  • non tainting - safe for use in food preparation & storage areas

Dilute Floorsmart Cleanse to 1:10 for major cleaning and up to 1:100 for everyday maintenance. Apply through a scrubber or by prespray. Agitate where necessary and wash off with clean water. Floorsmart Cleanse is non-tainting and is suitable for hygiene sensitive applications.

Sizes Available

25L / 205L / 1000L

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