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Caustic chlorinated foam detergent 

A caustic chlorinated foaming detergent, with sanitising action. Foamchlor is highly effective for the removal of food residues and associated staining. Can be used manually or applied using a foam lance, high pressure washer or spray.

  • A multipurpose foam cleaner designed for use in the food industry
  • Deep cleaning action for effective removal of grease, fats, blood and proteins
  • High cling foam maximises contact time for continuous cleaning action
  • Easy rinsing formulation – Suitable for use with hot and cold water

Dilute 2% – 5% depending on degree of soiling and local water hardness. Apply manually or by sprayer, pressure washer or foamer. Allow to dwell for up to 30 minutes and agitate if necessary. Rinse with clean water. For best results use warm water.

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