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Fusion has all the benefits of a premium solvent free dressing with the addition of new Micelle technology.

  • For interior trim, dashboards, engine bays and tyres
  • Shines and protects vinyl, rubber and plastic
  • High gloss durable results, can be diluted for a natural finish
  • Solvent free and non flammable

Tyres: Can be applied to wet or dry tyres. Ensure surface is clean. Apply using a paintbrush or spray on and allow to dry. If required wipe over with a soft sponge to remove excess. For optimum results on wet tyres, wipe over with a drying towel before application to remove excess water. Trim and engine bays: Ensure surface is cool and clean. Apply using a sponge, spray or paintbrush. Allow to dry and buff with a soft cloth to remove excess if required.


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