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Treble X

Treble X

An acid cleaner, designed to etch prime bare concrete, prior to painting or sealing, to ensure a good bond. It is also ideally suited for removing concrete or calcium deposits from paintwork.

  • Removes concrete and rust deposits
  • Etches concrete floors prior to sealing / painting
  • Effective on brake dust
  • Efficient de-scaler for pressure washers

Cement removal, brick cleaning, de-rusting: use 1:10 or stronger. Apply using brush or mop & allow to dwell for 10 mins. Rinse with water. Floor etching: dilute 1:3 and allow to dwell for 10 mins and rinse. Descaling pressure washers: use 1:10 and circulate for 10 mins. Flush with water. Wheel cleaning: Dilute 1:3. Ensure wheel is cool and apply using brush or sprayer. Allow to dwell and agitate if required. Do not allow to dry on. Rinse with water.

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