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Ultra Mousse

Ultra Mousse

The most concentrated foam available. Produces a long lasting rich ‘sticky’ foam. Clings to the vehicle for at least 10 minutes. Perfect for forecourt applications.

  • Hyper concentrated for unbeatable value & performance.
  • Advanced high cling formulation with gloss enhancers.
  • Produces a rich long-lasting foam that sticks to vertical surfaces.

Use hot or cold. For optimum results dilute 1:120 to 1:300 according to degree of soiling and local water hardness. Ensure surface is cool. In hot weather prewet vehicle with water. Apply product from bottom up. Allow to dwell. Rinse with water. Do not allow the product to dry. Product Storage Information: Product may become cloudy when diluted. Do not store diluted product for prolonged periods in temperatures below 5 deg/c. If performance is affected warm product and stir.


5L / 25L / 205L

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